Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur

Are you an investor-ready entrepreneur?

Raising equity capital is challenging at best. Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur (IRE) is designed to educate and prepare growth-oriented entrepreneurs to successfully engage private equity investors. This full day program was developed by experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, angel networks/fund executives and venture capitalists, and provides an “insider’s look” into the world of equity funding. By viewing investors as “customers of equity”, entrepreneurs can reduce barriers to funding, navigate the process more easily, and increase the chances of obtaining funding.

  • Learn what investors look for and expect from the companies they fund
  • Understand the private equity investment process and terminology
  • Find out how investors really approach valuation and deal structure (including cap tables and term sheets)
  • Learn how to make your company “investor-ready” (and improve your business while you’re at it)
  • Hear from those who’ve “done it”. Panelists include serial entrepreneurs and angel investors who’ve “been there”.
  • Receive a comprehensive workbook, ongoing counseling support and access to additional online resources
  • Save countless hours and enhance your chances of successfully raising equity capital

What Entrepreneurs Say

“I learned more about the equity investment process, procedures, what is truly valued and expected in one day than I have in several months stumbling through the process.”

“I wanted to let you know that I personally loved the course the other day. I have been to many Merger-Acquisition Courses and Forums etc. But, your guest panel was amazing and very interesting. I felt that every time [they] spoke they were giving it to us straight and not just the textbook response. You made it fun. That’s not easy, especially when everyone in the room is hoping that you are going to give them the magical key to their success.”

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