Our highly trained business counselors work with businesses in every phase of the business life cycle, from launch to growth to exit planning.

Is your business ready for optimize phase business counseling?

The optimize phase of a business is like a “second growth spurt.” Your business should be on solid footing and looking to become more competitive and increase value.

You’re in the optimize phase if all or most of the following apply:

  • You’ve been in business for three or more years.
  • You have 10+ employees and you need more help.
  • Your growth has plateaued, or you can’t grow anymore by yourself.
  • You have outgrown your space and/or equipment.
  • You are struggling to meet growth opportunities.
  • You want to move from an “owner-managed” to a “data- and model-driven” business.

From 2021-22, the SBTDC created and retained 8,646 jobs, directly impacted $635 million in incremental sales, and created $32.5 million in incremental tax revenue. 1

SBTDC Business Optimizing Counseling Services

Capital Opportunities for Small Businesses

This guide serves as a resource for individuals seeking start-up financing, businesses hunting for expansion capital, and organizations that aid small businesses in obtaining financing in North Carolina.

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Digital Marketing Guide

The SBTDC’s Digital Marketing Guide is designed to help businesses get started with digital marketing. It takes a holistic approach, starting with strategy and then considering various tactics.

The Digital Marketing Guide also includes worksheets and other tools to help businesses with their process.

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“We were able to shift quickly from those hospitality-type businesses into grocery, which exploded, and online, which got huge. Navigating that shift was how we’re able to be successful, be nimble.” Gibbon’s willingness to think creatively and his partnership with the SBTDC has kept the business from stagnating. “It just seems like every time there’s a question, SBTDC has an answer.”

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