SBTDC Summer Internship Program

Each summer, the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) offers consulting internship opportunities to qualified graduate students.

As part of the SBTDC’s Summer Internship Program, interns will have the opportunity to work with two technology-based clients during the 10-week internship.

Participating schools have included UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, NC State, East Carolina University, Wake Forest University, UNC Greensboro and Western Carolina University.

Potential Projects

Selection Process and Funding

SBTDC staff interview, select, and place our student consultants to work on projects developed by clients and the SBTDC. An SBTDC mentor will work with the clients and the interns throughout the summer to monitor the project and make sure it stays on target.

The SBTDC and the university that the students are enrolled in participate equally in the funding of the stipend paid to interns. Clients are not required to provide funding, but we do ask that they consider doing so at the end of the project if they found the work product to be valuable.

Past interns have gone on to land full-time positions at a companies of all sizes in a multitude of industries around the world, while a handful also take on the challenge of starting their own business

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