Equity Funding Services

The SBTDC Technology Commercialization Team provides innovation-based businesses with advisory services and resources focused on preparing for raising equity capital. Equity capital is a dilutive funding mechanism whereby entrepreneurs must give up an ownership stake (shares) of their business in return for funding. Sources of equity capital can include friends and family, angels and angel funds, and venture capital funds. 

Our overarching goals are:

  1. Increasing access to capital for the hundreds of SBTDC clients we serve annually through services like one-on-one counseling, pitch practice sessions, and educational programming.
  2. Connecting and engaging with NC’s investor communities and making introductions to high quality, investor-ready, technology-based start-ups.
  3. Leveraging the vast public/private resources to continue to grow NC’s reputation as one of the leading technology innovation regions in the US and the world.

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