Our highly trained business counselors work with businesses in every phase of the business life cycle, from launch to growth to exit planning.

Are you exploring a business idea?

At this point, your business is not yet formalized through incorporation and/or a written business plan. We encourage entrepreneurs to formalize their businesses prior to seeking individual business counseling with the SBTDC.

Idea phase businesses should consider enlisting the help of counseling services through the Small Business Center Network (SBCN), who specialize in idea phase counseling.

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Are you ready for business start-up services?

Your business is ready for SBTDC start-up counseling if at least two of the following apply: 

  • You have a legal framework in place for your business (filed for an LLC, sole proprietorship, or similar business structure).
  • You have made a sale.
  • You have a written business plan.

If your business is in the start-up phase, consider signing up for our regularly offered business launch cohort, Taking the Leap.

Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap is a series of accelerated cohorts and workshops designed to give you the foundation to launch your business!

Learn about different aspects of starting a business, including identifying potential markets, writing a business plan, running the finances of a business and marketing a business. Work with mentors and peers in fun breakout activities designed to help strengthen your business ideas and prepare you for success. Taking the Leap is a state-wide program.

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Approximately 20% of businesses will fail in their first year.
50% will fail before year five. 1

By contrast, 70% of businesses with a mentor
will survive for five years or more. 2

SBTDC Business Launch Counseling Services

Technology and Innovation-Based Launches

The SBTDC technology commercialization team offers specialized assistance to innovation-based startups, typically involving intellectual property that contributes to a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace and serves as a foundation for the business.

Please review our Technology Commercialization offerings for more information.

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Government Contracting Assistance

The vast majority of business startups are not eligible to win government contracts. Most contracts require that a company be in business for at least two years before it can be awarded a contract.

If you are interested in preparing your business for government contracts, please review our Government Contracting Assistance Program (GCAP) for more information.

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“I don’t know if everyone wants to follow my kooky path, but I would tell people to just start doing things. Make things, experiment, play, pull at threads, start walking the path,” she says. “Don’t wait to have the perfect idea… start simply.”

client photo
Emma Allen, owner of Everyday Oil, an SBTDC client that now employs six people.

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