Our highly trained business counselors work with businesses in every phase of the business life cycle, from launch to growth to exit planning.

Could your business benefit from renew phase business counseling?

Businesses in the renew phase may need assistance managing challenges and adapting to new circumstances. You may feel that there are no more customers to reach or not enough hours in the day. Or perhaps your business has experienced a natural disaster beyond your control.

Your business may benefit from renew phase business counseling if all or most of the following apply:

  • You’ve been in business 10+ years. 
  • Your sales have plateaued or even decreased. 
  • You’ve noticed a change in the economic or market landscape that is affecting your business.
  • Your competition is growing at a faster rate than you are. 
  • Your company has grown enough to draw the attention of your competition.
  • You have not made any changes within your company in the last five to six years. 
  • You are feeling “burned out” or complacent, and you’re struggling to innovate.
  • You’ve recently lost key customers or key employees. 
  • Your business has experienced a disaster beyond your control (e.g. hurricane, fire, flood).

When bringing your company back to life, refocus on the right products, right team, right customers, and look for the low-hanging fruit.

SBTDC Business Renew Counseling Services

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“I was project-driven, but I didn’t understand I needed to check the balance sheets fully, or the P&Ls, or have systems set up to work on that, even understanding simple business principles. That’s where the SBTDC’s been able to help.”

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