Strategy & Performance

Professional support for CEOs of mid-sized firms from 10 to 200 employees.

Whether the objective is to develop a short-term action plan or a long-term strategic plan, experienced SBTDC counselors can help you focus on develop and deploy strategies to accelerate your future growth. Through our work with hundreds of small- and mid-sized businesses and organizations, we have developed a process that will save you time and increase your opportunities for success.

We all know the benefits of proper planning: greater efficiency, better communications and teamwork, more effective management, higher achievement of goals. But where do you start? The SBTDC has the tools and experience to effectively move you forward without the unproductive meetings and the headaches.

We Help You With

Input and Buy-in From Your Employees

Most of the knowledge you need for an effective strategy lies within your own organization. The problem is getting people from all levels to speak up and commit to a common approach. The SBTDC has created methods of getting constructive information while promoting participation and protecting confidentiality.

Planning and Implementation Made Easier

Planning for the future can be difficult without proper structure and guidance. Working with hundreds of small- and mid-sized businesses, the SBTDC has developed a proven process to help you:

Proven Services

We offer organized assessments, facilitated planning sessions, and personalized business counseling to help you implement plans and work through other issues.

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