Federal Contracting

Assess Your Business

Evaluate your small business to see if it has what it takes to win a government contract.

What It Takes

The federal, state and local government prefers to work with established, reliable businesses. Do you have a track record of delivering quality goods and services on time and within budget? Is your reputation within your industry strong?

Not only can it take a long time to win your first government contract, it can take a significant amount of money. Some businesses spend between $80,000 and $130,000 to earn their first contract.

Basic Requirements

Your small business must meet some basic requirements before you can compete for government contracts.

Market Research

In order to bid on and win government contracts, you’ll have to sell products or services that the government buys — and at a competitive price. Use the resources below to see if there’s a market for your product or service, determine how big the market is, and find potential buyers.

Marketing Strategies

You may want to market your small business directly to a government agency or prime contractor. You can do that by learning what agencies or prime contractors need, and then showing them how your business can fulfill that need.

Capability Statement