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  • Raising a Technology from Birth Sep 23, 2020 By:  John Ujvari, SBIR Program Specialist, NC SBTDC Akin to raising a child, building a business around a commercializable technology is a long, stressful, although mostly exhilarating process. The day you start your business may be of your most memorable experiences. The horizon appears limitless and your dreams abound. Challenges, however, arise. The first money into ... Read more »
  • Winning in the SBIR Program without Winning an Award Jan 30, 2020Regardless of the quality of an innovation, there are many instances where the SBIR program is simply not a fit.  For example, there are times when an innovation is beyond the proof-of-concept phase, and there are times that the reviewers will not consider your innovation as a final product.  Instead, the agency will consider the ... Read more »
  • Time to Award Can Vary Widely by Agency Nov 20, 2019 The SBIR and STTR policy directive recommends that most agencies issue awards no more than 180 calendar days from solicitation close. The federal General Accounting Office (GAO) recently presented a report on the timeliness of agencies’ SBIR and STTR proposal review and award issuance. This report examines the time agencies spend issuing SBIR and STTR awards ... Read more »
  • Grant Opportunities Delivered to Your Virtual Door Nov 20, 2019 When developing an SBIR/STTR strategy, seeking solicitations posted by desired agencies, on either or the agency websites, is usually required. Often times, this step is time consuming and offers few immediate results to match the innovator’s skillset or concept. To maximize the chances of success, the innovator must be diligent in reviewing solicitations upon ... Read more »
  • NSF Pilots New SBIR/STTR Application Process Mar 28, 2019 The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced a new, pilot program for their SBIR/STTR proposal submission process. On March 5th, the NSF implemented full “Submission Windows” for invited proposals (as opposed to specific deadlines). The first Submission Window is active now and will close on June 13, 2019. The next will open June 14th (the very ... Read more »
  • NC’s Kepley BioSystems NSF SBIR Focuses on Horseshoe Crabs Mar 27, 2019Every year, hundreds of thousands of wild Atlantic horseshoe crabs (HSCs) are captured and ultimately returned to the water by the biomedical industry. Their blood is required to conduct drug and device sterility testing to protect the safety of millions of patients every year, worldwide. Recently, demand has increased for Atlantic HSCs due to the ... Read more »
  • Innovating for Developing Economies Mar 27, 2019Living in one of the largest economies in the world, innovators in the United States naturally want to tap into their home market. However, not all technology is suited for the relatively advanced infrastructure and lifestyle of the US. For instance, while clean water is still a priority here at home, systems are in place ... Read more »
  • SBIR and the Government Shutdown Jan 25, 2019 The federal government shutdown is having affects on various agencies. Rick Shindell has done a terrific job of outlining how this is affecting specific agencies. Rick has been a longtime member of the SBIR community and has helped to keep us “in the know” on timely issues for 20+ years. We have promoted Rick’s free ... Read more »