DD Consulting and Management

DD Consulting and Management is a certified minority-owned business that provides an array solutions and services for data storage management, backup and long term archiving of healthcare data and surveillance data.  The company targeted the government contracting market to expand and diversify its client base.

The company worked with the Charlotte PTAC to connect and build relationships with state and municipal government agencies and to receive guidance on structuring and submitting proposals. David Batie, Managing Partner of DD Consulting and Management, noted that as a result of that assistance, the company received an award with the police department of Riverdale, GA. The award provided a solution to the police department that saved them significant costs by consolidating police body cameras, patrol in-car cameras and interrogation room videos into one system.

David noted, “My partners and I feel the input from the Charlotte PTAC kept us on track and helped to void those mistakes that can derail a small business from getting started in the local, state and federal market.”

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