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  • Leadership and Business Resiliency Webinar Sep 14 2020Pandemics, hurricanes, and embargos, oh my! Business leaders today anticipate change and crises and prepare their organizations to move from crisis to survival to opportunity. Hear how other leaders are strengthening their organizations’ resilience, and how they apply tools and methods to help their business thrive. You will leave this session with at least one ... Read more >>
  • The Government Purchase Card – Quick and Easy Access to Government Sales Sep 3 2020By: GCAP Advisor James Chestnut In a recent interaction with a client both of us determined that their product, trophies and plaques, was not conducive with Government contracting in general. In doing a deeper dive into their business we did make the discovery that they were getting some business from a local military base but on ... Read more >>
  • Restaurant Roundtable – Best Practices for Surviving and Thriving: Communication and Partnerships Aug 26 2020Two months into the pandemic, 40 percent of America’s restaurants were shuttered and 8 million employees out of work-three times the job losses seen by any other industry. Join us for an interactive roundtable to share best practices regionally of how restaurants are surviving and thriving, with a focus on communication and partnership strategies. Discussion topics ... Read more >>
  • The World’s Largest Opportunity for Small Business: The U.S. Government Aug 24 2020The Federal Government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Last year, nearly $5 billion were awarded to businesses located in North Carolina. Forty three percent of those dollars were awarded to North Carolina’s small businesses. The panel session will include the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, North Carolina Military Business Center, and the ... Read more >>
  • Opening Doors to Government Contracting; An Introduction for Small Businesses Aug 24 2020An introduction to government contracting: How to understand federal, state, and local government contracting processes, complete required registrations and certifications, and how to locate opportunities. Click here to register: Speaker(s): Scott Barker, MS, MA Government Procurement Counselor | VA Verification Counselor Procurement Technical Assistance Center Facilitated by Roanoke Chowan Community College Small Business Center Read more >>