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Our experienced professional staff can help you with a wide variety of business problems, issues, and challenges.  Not only can we attend to your immediate, pressing concerns, but also work with you on an on-going basis to identify and address underlying issues and growth opportunities. Learn what to expect when working us »

General Business Services

Business & Management Advice

Managing a business means making serious and difficult decisions; but you don’t have to do it alone. More »

Financial Assistance

Obtaining capital for your business can be difficult and fiercely competitive. More »

Financial Analysis

Everyone wants their business to be more profitable. More »

Marketing Assistance

To grow or sustain your business it’s sometimes necessary to expand into new geographies, customer segments, or product/industry markets. More »


The better the information you have, the greater chance you have of outperforming your competitors.  More »

Strategy Development & Implementation

Do you need to revitalize your business – or position your business for a future growth and success?  More »

Leadership & Employee Performance

Are your employees, managers, and systems as efficient and effective as they can be? More »

Business Launch Initiative

Are you ready to launch your business? SBTDC Business Launch Specialists are strategically located across the state to help entrepreneurs evaluate an idea, form the idea into a business model, and launch the viable idea into a new North Carolina business. The core of the Business Launch initiative is the Taking the Leap cohort, which is a unique, free, four-week program aimed at helping participants move from thinking about starting a business to realizing that dream. During the cohort, participants work with mentors and peers in a fast-paced process designed specifically to help entrepreneurs work smart and to quickly plan and launch their new enterprise. Contact the Business Launch Specialist closest to you in Asheville, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Greenville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

Targeted Services

Our services include not only general business counseling, but also specialized business assistance delivered by specific programs and staff within the SBTDC. Our specialized programs include:

Government Contracting Assistance Program (GCAP)

The GCAP program has experienced professionals helping NC businesses receive over $1 billion annually in contracts from government agencies and prime contractors. Our counselors help businesses: identify contracting opportunities; help them understand and meet contracting requirements and regulations; develop bids and proposals; manage contracts; and prepare them for future contracts and private sector sales.

International Business / Exporting

The SBTDC’s International Business Development (IBD) unit assists small and medium sized businesses with exporting. Our IBD specialists are highly trained, Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP) with extensive experience in international business development. Our goal is to provide export-related guidance and assistance to small and medium sized businesses – enhancing their export success.

Market Research Services

Our team of Market Research Analysts conducts secondary research projects and provides technical assistance in support of our business counseling. This service helps our clients identify and understand current and potential markets – including competition, customers, and industry conditions. In addition, this service conducts research to support organizational projects and goals; assesses the needs of the state’s businesses; and evaluates the satisfaction of our services.

Private Equity Initiatives

Access to capital, particularly equity capital, is a major challenge for small businesses. The SBTDC provides counseling assistance to companies that seek venture and angel funding to grow their business.  We have designed highly successful educational programs for qualified investors and growth company entrepreneurs: Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur and the Power of Angel Investing. In addition, this unit works with angel and venture capital funds to understand their needs and challenges and serves as a statewide resource and liaison to private equity investors. These efforts help to enhance the investment process between and among angels, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs.

Technology Development & Commercialization

The SBTDC was the first Small Business Development Center in the nation to be officially recognized as providing specialized services to businesses looking to advance, protect, and commercialize their research, innovations, and new technology. Our Technology unit has helped North Carolina become a leader in US SBIR/STTR awards – generating tens of millions of dollars in R&D support annually for our clients.