Economic Recovery and Revitalization

The SBTDC has helped North Carolina businesses recover from three national recessions in our 25 years. The current economic climate is by far the most challenging for our state. In response, the SBTDC is taking unique steps, with the assistance of our partners, to help businesses.

Accelerated Graduate Student Engagement

The SBTDC has used our close association with North Carolina colleges and universities to provide opportunities for MBA, Master’s in Accounting, and other graduate level students to help companies in need. Since January 2009, students have provided over 11,400 hours of assistance to North Carolina businesses under the supervision and guidance of the SBTDC. This represents 14 full-time-equivalent business advisors. The benefits to both students and businesses are evident — real world experience and help for companies when they need it most. Many students work in teams or as individuals and help businesses with everything from developing marketing plans, to conducting research.

The SBTDC has a long history of offering graduate students the opportunities to advance their business education while helping North Carolina’s small businesses with real-life projects and issues.

How Do I Get Started?

The SBTDC is there to help you make your business better. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you. Call 1-800-258-0862 or email for more information. The SBTDC’s business counseling is a service of the University of North Carolina System; provided to resident businesses without fee.