Recovery Resources

The SBTDC has been at the forefront of efforts to help North Carolina businesses survive and thrive in the face of a myriad of national and international setbacks. Whether the world financial markets are declining, or a natural disaster strikes, businesses must carry on their work.  We can help. Over the past 25 years, SBTDC has been called upon to use our special skills and resources to help North Carolina businesses adapt. Here are examples of what SBTDC has done and is doing for North Carolina business:

Economic Recovery and Revitalization

The SBTDC has helped North Carolina businesses recover from three national recessions in our 25 years. The current economic climate is by far the most challenging for our state. In response, the SBTDC is taking unique steps, with the assistance of our partners, to help businesses with initiatives such as Biz Boost, Charlotte Recovery Initiative, Advanced Entrepreneurship Education, Distressed Rural County Project,and Accelerated Graduate Student Engagement. Learn more.

Natural Disasters

The SBTDC has a long history of helping businesses prepare for and recover from disasters and has been identified as a “first responder” for business recovery in the state’s disaster recovery plan SBTDC has been recognized for its efforts in helping the NC Department of Commerce in administering its business disaster recovery program. Since 1999, we have helped businesses secure federal or state disaster loans and provided post-disaster counseling to aid businesses in their recovery. When disaster hit the US Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina, our experience and knowledge was called upon to help businesses and service providers in Louisiana and Mississippi. Learn techniques to prepare your business for natural disaster.

Pandemic Flu

Imagine if your business lost 30% or more of its staff for at least one week.  Imagine if you didn’t have the manpower to fulfill a major order on time. How much would this cost your business? Do you have a plan to address this? Can you provide your customers any assurance/comfort that your business won’t experience significant losses of production/operation? Imagine if a competitor experienced significant downtimes in their business. Are you prepared to capitalize on their losses? Learn how to get your business prepared for pandemic flu.