SBTDC at UNC Charlotte

Making Your Business Better

The SBTDC service center in Charlotte is located on the UNC Charlotte campus. Our experienced business advisory team offers confidential, in-depth business counseling to mid-sized company business owners and management staff. We routinely assist our clients with developing and implementing viable strategies that enhance their competitive advantage and success in the marketplace. We also provide assistance to entrepreneurs preparing to launch their next venture.

We help our clients:

  • Assess and benchmark current profitability and organizational effectiveness.
  • Identify market opportunities from customer profiling, competitive analysis, and industry research.
  • Develop and implement short-term and long-term business strategies.
  • Link business strategies to workplace learning and performance.
  • Measure and monitor progress toward profitability and organizational effectiveness.
  • Identify new government contracting opportunities; assist in obtaining qualified subcontractors; and reviewing proposals / bids before submission.

How to Begin

If our services will help your business grow and succeed, you’re ready to begin working with us. Please complete our electronic request for counseling.

If you are not currently in business, please download the SBTDC’s Business Start-up Guide, which has seven sections with questions, worksheets and online resources to help you start the right way.