COVID EIDL Hardship Accommodation Plan

Jan 24, 2023

Due to the continued adverse effects of the pandemic, SBA provided a deferment period of 30 months from the date on the original Note for COVID-19 EIDL borrowers. Interest continued to accrue on the loans during deferment. EIDL payments are due now and some borrowers are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic. The SBA offers temporary relief.

Hardship Accommodation Plan

SBA is offering a Hardship Accommodation Plan for borrowers experiencing short-term financial challenges. Borrowers eligible for this plan may make reduced payments for six months. Interest will continue to accrue, which may increase (or create) a balloon payment due at the end of the loan term.


Eligibility & Enrollment

Borrowers are eligible to enroll in the Hardship Accommodation Plan beginning 60 calendar days before their first payment due date. 

Find more helpful information about managing your COVID-19 EIDL Loan on the SBA website.

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