Fainting Goat Brewery

Fuquay Varina, NC

First in Adaptability

When Tim Reichert returned from the War in Iraq in 2010, he needed something to keep him busy to “stop bugging [his] wife to death.” He began brewing beer in small batches in his kitchen and discovered he had a knack for it. By 2014, he had linked up with family friend and serial entrepreneur Maryann Durborrow, and by 2015, the two of them had opened Fainting Goat Brewery, LLC.

Learning Curve

Reichert soon found that there was much more to operating a brewery than brewing good beer. From the beginning, his business took more money and time than he had expected: “Whatever you plan and think you need just go ahead and double it right off the bat,” he said. Branding the business was also a challenge. “Every time we’d come up with a good name, it was taken . . . one day it clicked, ‘hey let’s do Fainting Goat.’ It’s got a rustic, woodsy kind of feel that we were going for.” The name has a story, of course. “I have a tendency to pass out if I laugh too hard,” Reichert explained. “My friends always thought it was super hilarious. And the nickname fainting goat came out of that.”

Growing Pains

“In a town like Fuquay Varina where there are five good breweries, and nobody’s making bad beer, people are not only going to decide where to go get their favorite beer. They’re going to decide who’s got what food truck, who’s got what band, and it can be very challenging,” Reichert explained. But by 2018, the business was a success and Reichert and Durborrow were ready to expand. The expansion was slow-going since they were doing much of the construction themselves. “I was brewing in Fuquay during the day and coming to Benson at night doing construction,” Reichert said. They needed a better plan to ensure their new location would pay off.

“Ron Duffer did a ton of work for us on a business plan, financial projections, and finding funding for our second location.”

Projections and Future Ops

Reichert and Durborrow learned about the SBTDC through the Veterans Center at Fayetteville State University. Ron Duffer walked them through creating a business plan for their Benson location, connected them with bankers and funding, and used financial software to make projections and offer analysis to help the business become more efficient and profitable, especially as they were adding a second location. The financial projections were “a huge benefit. I think that was the most important thing Ron has done” for Fainting Goat Brewery, Reichert said. 

Good Things to Come

Today, Reichert and Durborrow have successfully navigated opening their second location, even amidst changes in the market. They frequently hold events to attract new clientele, and they give back to the community through fundraisers for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Hops for Hope, and other kids’ charities. They’ve won accolades from WRAL Choice Awards, Hickory Hops, and others. They’ve begun distributing their products farther afield, though the future is still wide open with opportunities.

Creating a Legacy

When it comes to running the brewery, Tim Reichert admits it wasn’t what he expected. But he’s adapted to the work and grown because of it. He enjoys the freedom that comes with making your own way, and he has a great relationship with his business partner. But more than anything, what drives Reichert is his desire to build something great for the next generation. It’s “leaving a legacy,” he says. “Hopefully creating a brand that’s going to be around for a long time.”

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