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  • ECMP Seminar May 9, 2019An EMCP is an all-encompassing customized, written system that guides your company to be in full compliance on every export. Generally, an EMCP can be broken down into at least 3 elements, administrative, order processing, and screening. An EMCP will need to be customized to your product, customers, countries of destinations, and a list of ... Read more »
  • Export Compliance Training Seminar May 9, 2019Participants will learn about the new export security requirements for all exporters. They will have an 11-point checklist to guide them to full compliance on every export. They will become aware of the required 7 lists that must be checked on all exports, and understand what common red flags mean. They will ... Read more »
  • A-B Tech Community College Ferguson Center for Allied Health May 9, 2019A-B Tech Community College Ferguson Center for Allied Health Read more »
  • International Documentation Training Seminar May 9, 2019Many companies are exposing themselves unnecessarily to shipment delays, customs audits and demurrage charges because there is incomplete or inaccurate documentation for the shipment. This program will help you understand when and how you should be filling out international documents listed below. We will go through each document step by step. Seating is limited, and registration ... Read more »
  • Export Lending Part III: The Export Express Loan Program | Webinar May 3, 2019Not every one needs millions of dollars to export. Many small businesses only need the thousands. The challenge to lenders is how to make the small loans profitable. Export Express is a low touch program that allows a bank to use the banks forms and under writing. Credit scoring is ... Read more »
  • Marketplace May 3, 2019 Marketplace gives small business owners like you the opportunity to meet contracting officers from over 50 federal, state, and local government agencies and large prime contractors. Learn more about contracting through educational sessions. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Market to 50+ government agencies & prime contractors Learn new skills to land contracts & do business with the government ... Read more »

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