International Business Development

International Business Development
The SBTDC is North Carolina’s City-State Partner with the US Export-Import Bank. Our International Business Development Specialists are all highly trained, Certified Global Business Professionals with extensive experience in international business development. Our goal is to provide guidance and outcomes for small and mid-sized businesses — enhancing their exporting success.

How We Help You

Global Business Management

  • Evaluate export readiness for “new to export” clients
  • Develop strategies and tactics for exporting

Global Marketing

  • Identify potential export markets and customers
  • Locate and evaluate potential export sales representatives

Supply Chain Management

  • Understand basic logistics including foreign freight forwarders
  • Research and evaluate supply-chain options

Trade Finance

  • Financial analysis, costing, pricing, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Technical assistance with SBA and Ex-Im finance options

Networking & Resources Referral

  • Industry networking opportunities through special events
  • Provide research, publications, and training programs

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