Who We Are

Founded in September 1984, North Carolina’s Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) is the business and technology extension service of The University of North Carolina, which oversees the 16 constituent institutions of the University.  The SBTDC is administered by North Carolina State University and operated in partnership with US Small Business Administration.

With a lead center located in Raleigh, NC, the SBTDC operates 10 regional service centers in 15 total offices and six specialty programs. It operates as a single program statewide on a budget allocation basis as opposed to a contractual relationship with its regional centers and specialty programs, making it the most fully integrated SBDC program in the country. The SBTDC has a strong, consistent identity and is well recognized, both within North Carolina and nationally.  It is very actively engaged with the state’s economic development infrastructure, from local communities to the North Carolina Department of Commerce and Governor’s Office.

In 1997, the SBTDC became the North Carolina city/state partner to the U.S. Export-Import Bank.  Though this program is not funded, the partnership has strengthened the SBTDC’s role as a leading international financing resource in the state.


The SBTDC is committed to providing knowledge, education and other supportive resources that enable existing small and mid-sized businesses, emerging entrepreneurs and local/state leaders to innovate and succeed.  Through the experience and skill of SBTDC staff across our statewide network of 16 university-affiliated offices, we are able to reach and serve a diverse client base and quickly support their changing needs.