Creative Management Staffing Services

Creative Management Staffing Services is a small staff augmentation and recruiting firm. Started in 2013 by veteran Craig Gorham, the company was created with the mission to support disabled veterans and other service veterans transitioning or retiring from the military. By providing variety of staffing services, Creative Management Staffing Services matches specifically skilled veteran and non-veteran workers with clients in a wide range of industries.

Craig first contacted his PTAC for assistance with navigating the government marketplace. With his mission of assisting veterans in finding employment, Craig felt that government agencies and prime contractors would good potential markets. After working with his PTAC counselor on basic registrations, Craig began to search for opportunities within his niche. As the business grew through relationships with prime contractors such as SAS Institute, Craig recognized that he was ready to pursue 8(a) certification. His counselors helped him prepare his application, respond to inquiries, and understand the certification process.

Craig was ultimately successful in his pursuits and obtained 8(a) certification in early 2016. He continues to work with his PTAC counselor for guidance on how to make the most of certification program. Since becoming certified, Craig has continued to explore numerous subcontracting and prime contracting opportunities, while continuing to grow his commercial business. Even with his growth, Craig continues to remain focused on helping veterans find employment and is an active member of the NC Veteran’s Business Association. For more information on CMSS, please visit their website at

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