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Mar 29


She came across an ad for the SBTDC in Business North Carolina magazine and gave the number a call, which started her relationship with counselors Robin and Nick. “It can be so lonely as a business owner when you have … Read More

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Mar 29


Scott has worked with the SBTDC for nearly 30 years and introduced Chikako to SBTDC business counselor, Ariana Billingsley. Ariana sat down with Chikako at the initial stage and gave her a crash course in government business which was a … Read More

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Sep 06

US Foam and Etch

PTAC has worked with US Foam and Etch for several years now and has recently assisted with facilitating introductions to other GSA providers that could benefit from their services. PTAC has been very encouraging as well as proactive in the … Read More

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Sep 06

Helen Robinson Design

Helen is candid about the initial difficulty of breaking into government contracting and the complexity of contract jargon. “Some of the language is so dreadful and difficult to parse – without the help of the local PTAC counselor, I would … Read More

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Aug 11

Blue Arbor

Our annual revenue has grown a minimum of 10%. In the last year we have placed 35 to 40 employees with federal contracts that we received with the help of the SBTDC and we placed approximately 2000 employees throughout the … Read More

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Jul 15

DD Consulting and Management

DD Consulting and Management is a certified minority-owned business that provides an array solutions and services for data storage management, backup and long term archiving of healthcare data and surveillance data.  The company targeted the government contracting market to expand … Read More

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Jun 03

Prometheus Computing

SBTDC and PTAC assistance has included helping Prometheus define their labor categories and rates for government bidding, providing advice on teaming arrangements and bidding practices, facilitating a strategic planning process to streamline the company’s internal operations and management practices, and … Read More

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Jun 03

Joyce & Associates Construction

PTAC has provided Joyce & Associates with Contract Solicitation interpretation services and assistance with regulations that have been incorporated into their contracts by reference or full text. Joyce and Associates overall outlook on the future of Federal Government Construction Contracting … Read More

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May 06

Trans-Utility Services

Created in 2015, Trans-Utility Services (TUS) is an industry leader in transformer oil processing. The company’s equipment capabilities enable them to do degasification, vacuum filling, thermal cleaning, retrofilling, and hot oil dryouts. Jim Scandrol, VP of Sales Operations, contacted his … Read More

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May 06

Valet Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

Valet Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service, Inc. is a minority-owned SDVOSB company based in Fayetteville, NC. Actively in business since November 2012, they provide pickup and delivery dry cleaning services, and have been a client of the SBTDC and NC … Read More

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