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  • Financing Seminar: Show me the money Aug 3, 2020Join us for an engaging and educational discussion on what a business needs to know before they apply for financing.  Learn what is needed for a successful application, why the information is needed, and advice and tips from small business owners that have firsthand experience and understand the frustrations from a business owner’s viewpoint.  The ... Read more »
  • Digital Marketing: Marketing Post COVID-19 Aug 3, 2020With the new normal of social distancing in place, people are online more than ever. How do you leverage more traffic to social networks, more orders online, and thousands of hours of video being watched on the internet every day? Learn the top digital marketing strategies that will help your business grow during the COVID-19 ... Read more »
  • Preparing Your Business For the Next Major Event: Virtualizing Your Business and Maintaining Your Community on a Budget Aug 3, 2020The pandemic, and our region’s weather, often require businesses to quickly virtualize. Moving your employees offsite while continuing to grow your customer base is possible when you’re prepared. We’ll discuss free and low-cost technologies businesses can use to continue to grow and thrive during and after a crisis. We will also address how to use ... Read more »
  • Social Entrepreneurship Panel: Growing your business and your society Jul 27, 2020Businesses of all types and sizes that develop solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues are critical in today’s complex world. Learn more about how your potential or existing business can change the community you live in. Your business can do well while doing good. Panel participants will discuss opportunities, challenges, and resources to get ... Read more »
  • Free Credit & Money Management Online Workshop Jul 22, 2020LETS HELP YOU REBUILD OR BUILD YOUR CREDIT AT NO COST TO YOU! Join us to learn about establishing or increasing your credit score, creating a budget, how to read a credit report and what can be done to correct errors that may negatively affect your credit rating. Read more »
  • Cape Fear Region Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Jul 8, 2020MED Week recognizes the achievements of local minority entrepreneurs, provides opportunities for networking, and presents workshops to help grow and strengthen businesses. Events provide attendees the opportunity to: Connect with business vendors Meet leaders from the regional business community Learn about government contracting and business opportunities Grow your professional network Receive information and resources to develop ... Read more »
  • Rob Montalvo – 2020-06-18 14:35:21 Jun 18, 2020Hello! Some time ago, we submitted a proposal for Navy FY-20.4 SBIR and today got an email informing us that we appear to be on a short list of proposals being considered. Here’s a link to the information we received: We are DataCrunch Lab. Would you be in a position to provide us with assistance/help as we navigate through ... Read more »
  • Financial Management for Small Businesses – Webinar May 26, 2020Need help understanding and preparing your business financial statements? We can help. Sign up NOW! Read more »