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With over $450 billion in annual contracts, opportunities are plenty. The U.S. Federal Government alone issues over $450 billion in spending contracts with private companies annually – for everything from napkins and janitorial services to research and military armor. The GCAP can get you connected to these opportunities through PROBID – a private online government bid-matching system. PROBID is a computer-based program that matches your products or services to bid opportunities (other than EDI) from government agencies. Information is retrieved from over 500 sites, including:

  • Contract Opportunities on – all federal solicitations and contract awards of more than $25,000
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) solicitations of less than $25,000
  • State of North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System (IPS)
  • Purchasing Notices from other state governments
  • Selected county and city governments nationwide
  • Some foreign trade opportunities

As a PROBID client, you receive a tailored keyword profile containing words or terms specific to your company’s products or services. We use this profile to search our PROBID databases to identify bid opportunities most appropriate for you. PROBID, which sends information to you by e-mail each weekday evening except federal holidays, is extremely flexible and allows for a variety of searching strategies. By allowing PROBID to do the searching, you save valuable time. And best of all, you can make changes to your keyword profile at any time simply by contacting the PROBID manager.