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  • Cape Fear Manufacturing Partnership Sep 22 2022 The week of August 22-26 was an exciting one, as the SBTDC at UNCW partnered with the Cape Fear Manufacturing Partnership (CFMP) and the UNCW Cameron School of Business to provide a student engagement opportunity for an executive MBA team comprised of 6 students from UNCW and University of Surrey in the UK. CFMP was ... Read more >>
  • New Southeast Chapter of NC World Trade Association Sep 22 2022Contributed by Paige O’Neill, International Business Development Counselor Can going Global recession proof your business? Do you know where to get assistance to expand internationally? Do you stay up at night worried about international supply chain delays? Are you able to finance your trade growth? Are you a technology, product or services company that wants to ... Read more >>
  • Where’s the beef? Sep 21 2022 Contributed by Byron Hicks, SBTDC State Director I hope some of you are old enough, as I am, to remember the Wendy’s Hamburger ad with the elderly women yelling “where’s the beef?” For small business owners the question is “where’s the money?” Capital for small businesses IS available. It is just not where we are used ... Read more >>
  • SBTDC Staff Recognized at National Conference Sep 21 2022Each year America’s SBDC asks that each network select a State Star from their program. The State Star is an exemplary performer, makes a significant contribution to their SBDC/SBTDC program, and shows a strong commitment to small business. This year we are excited to announce that Alex Viva is the North Carolina SBTDC’s State Star. ... Read more >>
  • Think Multi-Product / Multi-SBIR Submission Strategy Sep 16 2022Will your innovation driven small business be a one trick pony? While there are many successful singular product companies, this is a risk prone business strategy. Given that the risks associated with product commercialization are high, if your one product fails, this could lead to failure of your entire business. A potentially more productive, sound ... Read more >>