Dry Corp, established in 1996, is the maker of Dry Pro™, a high-quality surgical rubber sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, ostomies, PICC lines and prosthetics, and offers complete waterproof protection. Its patented vacuum seal ensures that a cast or bandage will remain dry, even when submerged in water allowing patients of any age or size to swim, bathe, shower, and to receive hydrotherapy.

Beginning in 1999, Dr. Roy Archambault, DPM, ABFS, began distributing the Dry Pro™ after more than 20 years of experience in podiatric and ambulatory medicine. Dr. Archambault designed and constructed the Dry Pro™ with an expert understanding of patient needs.

Six years ago, Dr. Archambault applied this same vacuum seal technology on the medical covers to crystal clear bags to protect smart phones and tablets. The result is the DryCASE, a crystal clear bag that vacuum seals mobile devices, yet includes a microphone/headphone jack so that users can still listen to music or make and take calls. DryCASE has since expanded its product lines to include the DryCASE for tablets, DryBUDS waterproof earphones, and DryCASE waterproof backpacks.

Since DryCorp’s products are seasonal, geographical diversification is a key factor in success for DryCorp. For instance, they can supplement winter season sales in the US by selling to a country with opposite seasons such as Australia.  While geographical diversification is important for sales, it is also imperative for the competiveness of DryCorp.

The SBTDC’s counselors, particularly International Business Development counselor Alex Viva, have been with DryCorp every step of the way while making bettern business decisions related to exporting to other countries including assisting with distributor contracts, international strategy and development, and export documentation. Specifically, DryCorp used the SBTDC’s services to review an international distributorship contract that was used to acquire exclusive distributors internationally.

“The SBTDC’s business counseling has made a huge difference in our success by providing us with the tools and confidence needed to survive in an international marketplace. Alex has helped us review many contracts with new international distributors to guarantee that we are entering into a successful business relationship overseas.”

Alex also had the SBTDC’s website audit team review the DryCorp and DryCase websites to help make improvements for international sales. As a result of making those improvements, DryCorp instantly saw an increase in e-commerce and a significant decrease in bounce rates.

DryCorp has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. They are launching up to five new DryCASE products in 2014, and expect a successful 2014 because of those launches. They continue to rapidly develop domestically and internationally, and say they could not do so without the help, support and advice of SBTDC.

Honored with both Outdoor Retailer Magazine and Business NC Magazine’s 2013 Best Small Business of the Year awards,  DryCorp says, “We have been able to sustain success and growth for over 15 years by remaining competitive through new products and new market acquisition with the help of SBTDC, SBA and NC Department of Commerce.”           

For more information about DryCorp or DryCASE, visit www.drycorp.com  and www.drycase.com