Ginny Vaca

Ginny Vaca has over 30 years of direct International business development experience in more than 60 countries. She specializes in guiding US companies in strategic market development and export their products successfully. As their trusted advisor, she helps client-companies:
  • Evaluate their global readiness and/or sustain their global success;
  • Formulate their country-specific marketing objectives, strategies and tactics;
  • Develop an export plan or export marketing plan to maximize resources; and
  • Evaluate their financial performance and trade finance options.
Ginny grew up in Nicaragua and came to the US to earn her BS in International Economics from Meredith College. Ginny is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) and Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP). She is fluent in Spanish and English. During her career in the private sector, she developed the skills to open new markets and sustain long-term relationships with her customers introducing new products and ideas. Contact Ginny at 919-515-6041 or