Website & E-marketing Services

Make sense of your website

Web Assessment Snapshot

How effective is my website?

Get a thorough, yet condensed, assessment of where your website stands. Are you maximizing your ability to rank high on search engines? Are your messages to visitors clear? Is your website easy to use? Does it support the goals for your site and encourage visitor actions? Apply for a free website assessment. bar chart representing increase sales for 2012

Website Analysis Report

What should I change to improve my website?

See your website like search engine spiders and first-time visitors do. This comprehensive report provides an in-depth analysis and instruction for improving the effectiveness of your website. With access to your Google Analytics, we will utilize recent activity and visitor data to identify specific problems and opportunities to achieve your website goals. Share with your webmaster, web contractor, and your staff and start making improvements. Talk to an SBTDC counselor to request a website analysis report.

Web Analytics Review

How do I measure my website’s performance?

The SBTDC can help you identify, assess, and interpret the relevant visitor and activity data related to your website. With your permission, we will mine your Google Analytics data, evaluate your site’s performance, and provide two quarterly updates on your progress. No cost for those receiving a web assessment or website analysis.