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Scott Daugherty

Back in 1984, Scott Daugherty worked with UNC System President Bill Friday to develop the funding proposal for North Carolina’s entrant in the national Small Business Development Center Program, and was then hired as its first State Director. During the last 36 years, he’s provided exceptional leadership as the SBTDC has evolved to serve over 135,000 small to mid-size business clients. Scott has also served as President of the Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC), and as NC’s first and only Commissioner of Small Business.

In January 2021, Scott will be retiring from the SBTDC after 36 years. His visionary leadership has built an incredible organization focused on serving small and mid-size businesses in North Carolina. He’s made a difference in countless lives – staff, clients, and partners alike. It’s quite a legacy.

Your insistence on finding smart people, providing them continuous opportunities to learn and grow and enough rope to take intelligent risks created the culture that produced many SBTDC successes.

Bion Schulken

Over time, our professional achievements may fade away a little bit. However, when you touch people’s hearts like you did my family’s, those memories stay forever.

George McAllister

Thanks to Scott for a few really good laughs and for many years of really good service to our organization.

Chris Veal

There is a reason why I jokingly referred to you as ‘your Czarness.’ You have set the standard of excellence for SBDCs for the entire nation.

Walter Daniels

You have been a teacher, leader, professional moral and character compass, as well as friend and coach in all areas of my life.

Michael Twiddy

Thank you for forging a family out of a diverse and far-flung group of individuals that are the SBTDC. That was no easy feat.

Al Delia

It is hard to imagine the SBTDC without you, but the team you built will strive to carry on your legacy while you enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Lisa Ruckdeschel

Selfishly, we will surely miss your presence, insight, and leadership. You have built an incredible organization and legacy!

Robin McIntire

Thank you for being who you are. I always will be grateful that our paths overlapped. When in doubt, I will always ask myself, ‘What would Scott do’ (knowing that the answer might involve Scotch and/or wine).

Nicole Schwerbrock

Being the SBTDC Project Officer has been the highlight of my SBA career. Your leadership enabled the NC SBTDC to be innovative, creative, forward thinking, and a model for other SBDCs.

Eileen Joyce

I know firsthand about your impatience, drive, and sense of vision. Those qualities are regrettably scarce in state government, but you never let up. You created a resource that has helped thousands of small businesses. It is your legacy, and one to be proud of.

Tom Heath

Scott has been an effective and reliable champion of the state’s small business community for decades. His accessible brand of leadership won’t be easy to replace.

Tony Copeland

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Scott and his team for bringing in a young (at the time!), boisterous, and engaged economic developer and giving him a seat at the table.

Peter Bishop

It has been an honor to work for you, alongside you, and in support of you. You mean the world to me and to the SBTDC.

Byron Hicks

Scott and the SBTDC have been invaluable partners in supporting the creation, retention, and growth of small businesses in the state.

Christopher Chung

Your remarkable career has had an amazing impact on this state and I definitely feel honored to get to know you.

Arthur Salido

We have accomplished many things that most would not have even attempted, but for the SBTDC … just another day!

Larry Loucks

But… why are you leaving now that you have finally figured out how to Zoom? I will miss seeing you daily, hearing your funny stories and seeing if you and Byron are wearing matching outfits.

Lori Gillette

To the best boss I ever had, congrats on a well-deserved retirement!

Lenzie Harcum

The SBTDC is also the best managed and most innovative unit I’ve worked with (and has the most engaged leadership). I was my happiest at the SBTDC. Thank you.

Frank Pore

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