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  • Innovating for Developing Economies February 5, 2021
    Living in one of the largest economies in the world, innovators in the United States naturally want to tap into their home market.  However, not all technology is suited for the relatively advanced infrastructure and lifestyle of the US.  For ...
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  • Early-stage Funding: NC Government Incentives for Technology Startups February 5, 2021
    North Carolina legislators support small businesses and work to create entrepreneur friendly policies to foster economic development in our state. Two such policies that have proven to be impactful to technology-driven startup companies over the years. These include ...
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  • Preparing Capture Strategies for 2021 January 5, 2021
    By: Jacquie Spearman, Charlotte GCAP As we begin the new year, 2021 brings new challenges and opportunities for government contractors. We leave behind a tumultuous year where companies have had to pivot to stay in business. The government has also had ...
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  • Cybersecurity Contracting Preparations Update December 1, 2020
    By Thomas Gerke, Utah There are 17 practices in CMMC Level 1 that also map to NIST 800-171 capabilities.  They fall into four general ...
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  • Raising a Technology from Birth September 23, 2020
    technews-raising-a-tech By:  John Ujvari, SBIR Program Specialist, NC SBTDC Akin to raising a child, building a business around a commercializable technology is a long, stressful, although mostly exhilarating process. The day you start ...
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  • Leadership and Business Resiliency Webinar September 14, 2020

    Pandemics, hurricanes, and embargos, oh my! Business leaders today anticipate change and crises and prepare their organizations to move from crisis to survival to opportunity. Hear how other leaders are strengthening their organizations’ resilience, and ...

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