Strategic Planning Retreats

How Strategic Planning Retreats Work

You pull together your key people from across the organization. Many organizations include appropriate external advisors. We help you plan and customize the event to fit your needs and schedule. Retreats can be conducted on or off-site.

Strategic Planning

When people are engaged in strategic planning, the mystery is removed from such areas as:

  • Vision
  • Current Reality
  • Priorities
  • Goal Setting
  • Mission
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Action Plans
  • Implementation

Our retreats are designed to take you further and answer the key question:
“How can you differentiate your organization and its services over time?”

Strategic Thinking

A major outcome of strategic retreats is enhanced strategic thinking. These skills also go beyond strategic planning by:

  • Generating new ideas—ideas that, otherwise would not be considered.
  • Going beyond the status quo—beyond one’s competitors.
  • Bringing new perspectives and approaches together—and combining them in creative ways.
  • Considering a broad range of internal and external factors when solving problems and making decisions.
  • Identification of critical, high payoff strategies and the prioritization of team efforts accordingly.
  • The use of strategic thinking in strategic planning makes it likely that the document will not rest on the shelf—that the strategic plan will be dynamic.

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