General Business Counselor

  • Full Time

This position provides one-on-one management counseling to small and mid-sized businesses. The role requires a broad general knowledge of the principles and practices of small businesses. The employee must have strong computer skills, particularly with regard to word processing, developing spreadsheets, and database management. A demonstrated ability to develop and analyze financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow) is imperative. The General Business Counselor must have a working knowledge of techniques used in collecting and interpreting market and demographic data. The employee must have the ability to work independently, handle multiple clients and assignments, and establish work priorities. Excellent interpersonal and communicative skills are also required.

Counseling (minimum of 55% of the time): significant analysis, including but not limited to, identifying issues, interpreting complex data and information, communicating trends and possible outcomes, organizing and evaluating research, planning and designing data collection, assisting clients in establishing goals and objectives, and making recommendations. The General Business Counselor must use broad discretion and professional judgment in formulating and communicating recommendations. The significance of decision making ability is very high. Maintaining client relationships is very important. The significance and impact on client management is high. Absolute confidentiality of client information must be maintained. Both the SBTDC and its clients are directly affected by the quality of service provided through this position. Errors or failure to exercise care in advising clients could cause irreparable harm. This counselor collaborates with SBTDC, and specialty advisors to address depth financial and operations needs with respect to special markets. Referrals and co-counseling may also occur with other service-providing partners in the region.

Outreach and Marketing: This position has the responsibility for promoting the SBTDC throughout the 14-county area served by the regional center. This includes explaining SBTDC programs to lenders, chamber representatives, CPAs, attorneys, city and county officials, state and federal representatives, and economic developers. Developing and maintaining these relationships is essential as this network of partners in each county is crucial to continued success. Additional duties include promoting the programs and events of SBTDC, and marketing all services to the market segments outlined in the SBTDC Strategic Plan. The General Business Counselor represents SBTDC at conferences, meetings, panel discussions, special events, and other networking opportunities deemed appropriate both throughout the 14-county region and at the University.

Administrative (including training & student engagement): The General Business Counselor is responsible for timely documentation of all work related to clients in the assigned portfolio, including all client impact resulting from assistance provided to clients. This is performed electronically using Center IC, the SBTDC’s CRM system. This counselor contributes to the center’s routine reporting of success stories, center evaluations and impact forecasting. Additional administrative tasks include expense reporting and other university employee tasks. The General Business Counselor has the responsibility for planning and facilitating trainings and workshops offered by this SBTDC regional center. They will serve as project manager for student engagement activities which include recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and mentoring interns each semester as they assist SBTDC clients.


Minimum Education / Experience

Bachelor’s degree and one year of experience related to the area of assignment; or equivalent combination of training and experience. All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in business administration, or equivalent business management / entrepreneurial experience with 2 years of relevant work experience. In lieu of a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree and 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • One year of experience in consulting and/or using client advisory skills

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