Preparing an Effective Capability Statement

Mar 10, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Overview of the principal matters that should be included in a capability statement aimed at assisting small businesses that are looking for government contracting solicitations.

This webinar is designed to help companies understand what components should be included on a company’s capability statement. This document is an important tool to help promote a company’s products and/or services and to help with outreach efforts
looking for partnering or subcontracting opportunities. The presenter will discuss the various options companies may consider when putting their capability statements together. Capability statements are almost always required as part of a proposal when
competing for federal contracts and also useful in seeking state and local contracting opportunities.

  •  Is your business eligible for government contracting opportunities?
  • How do you make your business stand out among its competitors?
  • What are some outreach strategies that will help me locate additional contracting opportunities?

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Our Speaker:
Scott Barker, PTAC Program Director, Raleigh Office

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