Investor-Ready Entrepreneur Program

Are You an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur?

When it comes to working with investors, new entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage: They often have misconceptions about the process, do not understand the concept of stage-appropriate capital, and do not understand investor expectations.

The Investor-Ready Entrepreneur program levels the playing field, educating and preparing growth-oriented entrepreneurs to successfully engage private equity investors.

The program, developed by experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, angel network/fund executives, and venture capitalists, provides an “insider’s look” into the world of equity funding. You will hear directly from an investor panel and learn to view investors as “customers of equity.”

Event Location

North Carolina Biotechnology Center – 15 TW Alexander Dr, Durham, NC

Who can benefit from IRE?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • University spinouts
  • SBIR recipients
  • Ecosystem stakeholders
  • Tech transfer representatives
  • Potential investors

Topics Covered

  • The private equity investment process
  • The funding landscape
  • Building for success
  • Funding needs and financials
  • Targeting/qualifying funding sources
  • Presenting to investors
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Structuring the deal
  • Board and exits

Attendees Will Learn

  • The different types of investors
  • The size and type of deals investors typically fund
  • The realities of each step of the process
  • The equity investment process and terminology
  • How investors approach valuation and deal structure
  • How to become “investor-ready” and improve your business while you’re at it

Panelists & Speakers

  • C. Lucas Beal of Hutchison PLLC
  • John Rudd of Hutchison PLLC
  • Eva Doss, CEO of The Launch Place
  • Dr. Amanda Elam, CEO of Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc.

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Kevin Nicusanti is an Equity Funding Specialist with SBTDC at UNC Chapel Hill. Kevin is also a Raleigh- based entrepreneur and business owner. In his role at the SBTDC, Kevin provides 1:1 counseling to founders and CEOs who are planning to or currently pursuing equity capital. The no-cost counseling ranges from pitch deck development to investor relationships to advising due diligence/data room preparation to building advisory boards. He leverages a network of known NC investors to provide access to capital for clients operating in verticals ranging from Life Sciences to SAAS to AgTech to Enterprise software and more.

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