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Red Zone Resources of Garner provides personnel to businesses that need the most talented and dynamic IT and technical professionals made available in a timely and efficient manner. Red Zone understands what it takes to run a business and prides themselves on consistently delivering the best talent, as well as, the best customer service to their clients. Red Zone’s primary goal is to build working relationships with their clients that are mutually beneficial.

Mike Barefoot, President of Red Zone, started the company in 2010, and began working with the NC PTAC very soon afterwards. Through the relationship with PTAC, Red Zone began to develop its way in the government contracting process and became very good in obtaining contracts with the state of North Carolina. Along with a growing portfolio of commercial clients, the growing portfolio of state government contracts helped Red Zone’s business experience strong growth.

In late 2018 and early 2019, Mr. Barefoot felt that his business growth had plateaued and wanted to take steps to restart growth that he knew his company was capable of handling. He once again approached the NC PTAC to get the assistance he needed to jumpstart business growth. His first thought was to make a stronger effort to move into the federal government contracting arena. After meeting with the PTAC counselor at NC State – discussing the current state of his business and the goals for his business – they came up with a game plan to move his government contracting journey forward. The plan, which began with working on the basic requirements to move into federal contracting, also included Mike refreshing his efforts for obtaining state contracts. From this, Mike and his team began using resources offered by PTAC which included attending the Federal Proposal Writing Workshop and meeting potential clients at the Marketplace 2019 event. Additionally, Red Zone began using information provided through a subscription to PROBID, a bid matching service provided by the NC PTAC.

Mike began to seek out new state contracting opportunities. In addition, to move ahead with the federal contracting process, Mike used information from research performed by PTAC to choose the NAICS codes that best fit Red Zone. From this, Mike and PTAC began researching federal agencies that purchased the services that Red Zone provided, forming a list of contacts with these agencies that Mike could call to begin the relationship that is so important to selling to government agencies.

Mike’s efforts have paid off for Red Zone. Red Zone has placed personnel with new clients in the North Carolina government, as well as other state governments – from information found through his PROBID subscription. He has moved forward with the federal contracting process and will be completing his requirements soon to begin federal contracting. Red Zone Resources is determined to grow their business by pursuing and winning government contracts. Mike and his team have the perseverance and desire needed to meet their goals of increasing their presence in the government contracting arena.

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