SBTDC: Making Major Impacts to Small and Mid-Size Business Owners

Business owners are more likely to think about the day-to-day activities than to think about past performance in order to plan for the future. Here at the SBTDC, we grow businesses by allowing owners to step-back, set-goals, and move forward.



  • Financial Assistance/ Best Practices Raising Capital: Does your business need capital? Do you feel overwhelmed as to how to raise capital? The SBTDC has a proven methodology that can assist you to increase the quality of your applications. We prepare our clients to be successful.
  • Financial Analysis: Have you ever thought about what you want to do with your business? Do you want your business to increase profits? The SBTDC has access to ProfitCents financial software to help you make better decisions for your business. Knowledge is power, increase your financial literacy with an SBTDC counselor today.
  • Marketing and Sales Assistance to increase Revenues & Profits: In order to grow your business, it may be necessary to expand into new customer segments, or industry markets. The SBTDC can you get more profitable customers in a short amount of time. The SBTDC has experienced professional that can help you access government contract opportunities, commercialize technology, and develop a multi-platform marketing strategy to increase qualified sales leads.
  • Better Information through research: Have you ever thought about your industry’s key drivers? Your competitors? The future of your industry? Your industry regulations? Most likely you haven’t thought about this, but your competitors have. The better information you have, the greater chance you have of outperforming your competitors. The SBTDC has specialized market research staff with access to numerous databases to help you obtain better information.

If you would like our assistance in improving your business please contact your Business Counselor.

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