Commerce Launches New Website

From the SYNC Newsletter, November 20, 2018

The North Carolina Department of Commerce launched a new edition of our website last week featuring a fresh design, streamlined content, and upgraded technology that among other benefits makes the site much easier to view on smartphones and other mobile devices.

The site is published at the same web address –

The site upgrade represents a significant improvement to the Department’s digital capabilities, a key goal in Secretary Copeland’s agenda for the agency. The site’s core underlying technology, known as Drupal, powers the websites of many top companies and organizations around the world.

In addition to the technology upgrade, content for the site has been edited and re-organized to better meet the needs of key audience groups who visit the site. Significant audience research was conducted to guide the new structure, including input from several of the nation’s leading site selection consulting firms.

Content on is now organized around audience needs, rather than the agency’s own organizational structure. However, people looking for information about our divisions will find quick navigation links to the divisions from the main home page. In addition to an enhanced search capability, the site also features a new Programs and Services Directory, offering visitors an easy-to-navigate way to find a specific program or service.

While every page on the website now provides visitors with a way to send feedback instantly, SYNC readers are also invited to email our editors with any comments and questions.

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