Taking Flight: The NCDIDI Fall Kickoff

The North Carolina Defense Industry Diversification Initiative (NC DIDI) will host a town hall entitled the “Taking Flight: The NC DIDI Fall Kickoff” on Tuesday September 4th, 2018. Participants will have the chance to learn about the newest plans for the NC DIDI implementation phase that seeks to focus on the aerospace sector, additive manufacturing and cybersecurity.  NC DIDI will present the results of the state’s first defense industry supply chain study to community and the successes of companies that took part in the Commercialization Pilot Project. Additionally, they will reveal an action plan for the states’ defense industry contractors and suppliers, distribute information about resources specific to the region.

“Demand for newer aircraft models as well as unmanned aerial systems are speeding up the replacement of previous generations. We want our firms as well as their workforce to be ready for those changes,” said Secretary Larry D. Hall, of the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and Co-Chairman of NCDIDI. About the new supply chain analysis data, he had this to say, “We know have actionable insights from the data generated. These insights foster economic growth, job creation and innovation. NCDIDI is now positioned to make recommendations for a strategic plan. We also learned that the majority of our defense companies are not cyber ready.  We want to help companies meet and complete those new cybersecurity requirements.

“IES is excited to explore Aerospace and Additive Manufacturing during the implementation phase. Aircraft equipment manufacturers continue to innovate in areas like jet engine fuel efficiency, navigation technology and materials science. We want North Carolina firms to be in a position to stay in the game.” said Phil Mintz, Executive Director of North Carolina State University’s Industry Expansion Solutions. “ We are excited to be the state’s repository for the supply chain data. This information will help the state better position companies to support our installations both here and abroad”
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper will be in attendance and speaking during the program.

The attendance of DoD contracting companies, economic development officers, government officials and procurement experts is requested. Light Refreshments will be served. While the event is free, registration is highly recommended. Those wishing to participate in the town hall can register at our website, www.ncdidi.com or at EventBrite.

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