Southeast Region Cyber Security & Technology Symposium

The Offices of United States Senator Richard Burr and United States Senator Thom Tillis, the North Carolina Defense Technology Transition Office (DEFTECH) and the North Carolina Military Business Center are pleased to host the Southeast Region Cyber Security & Technology Symposium on October 11, 2018 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Please note: Parking passes will not be required (campus have signs requesting parking passes, this has been waived for our event).

ABOUT THE EVENT.  According to McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the world lost about $600 billion to cybercrime in 2017.  The White House Council of Economic Advisers estimated that cyberattacks cost the U.S between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016 as a result of 21, 239 public sector cyber incidents and 239 known breaches. During this same period, government agencies reported 30,899 cyber incidents, 16 of which met the threshold of being a major incident.

The exponential growth of the Internet of Things, and now the Internet of BATTLEFIELD Things opens the door for both increased capabilities and vulnerabilities. Leaders must continually evolve to adapt to future innovations and resultant cyber security threats.

To accomplish this, the Department of Defense has established outreach offices and procedures to discover and acquire cutting edge, innovative technologies to address these evolving needs. Many of these procedures are being used across the Federal government.

Symposium Goals:

  • Learn about current and evolving cyber security challenges, including the impact of IoT, AI, Quantum computing, Analytics, Blockchain, and other potential solutions.)
  • Understand DoD Consortiums and Other Transaction Authorities.
  • Hear and discuss several cutting edge cyber/IT innovations that are ready for prototyping.
  • Network with federal and commercial cyber technology leaders and other participants.
  • Depart the conference with a better understanding of current and evolving cyber needs, a broader network of contacts, and how you can better prepare to compete for cyber/IT future opportunities.

Target Audience: Military, Government, Commercial, Academe interested in Cyber, IT, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Quantum, Big Data Analytics, embedded systems, sensors, cloud computing, and how to interact with potential government and commercial customers.

Discussion Topics:

  • Benefits and risks of IoT and Sensor Technologies
  • Cyber vulnerabilities and how to defend
  • Enhancing Cyber Security with AI, Analytics, Quantum computing and Blockchain
  • Moving to the cloud to enhance cyber security
  • Near term and future cyber initiatives
  • The Army Internet of Battlefield Things
  • DoD Consortiums & OTAs: How they work & how to join
  • Discussion of several Cyber Security Innovations

For additional information please contact Courtney Smedick

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