The North Carolina Defense Industry Diversification Initiative (NC DIDI)

By Nimasheena N. Burns, Director Communications and Project Management, NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

The North Carolina Defense Industry Diversification Initiative (NC DIDI) is excited to announce the launch of the initiatives mapping survey for the state’s defense supply chain. This initiative is being managed through a partnership of the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and NC State’s Industry Expansion Solutions. With 75% of business professionals reporting a lack of visibility into their supply chains, NC DIDI has coordinated the development of a comprehensive survey of North Carolina defense contractors. The purpose of this survey is to gather insights that will help us to better understand the unique challenges facing our defense companies as well as how we can identify new opportunities for them to grow, diversify, and enter new markets.

NC DIDI hopes to identify potential new markets for at-risk firms and identify local gaps in the supply chain. This work will help point state, local and regional policy makers identify which existing assets can be aligned to respond to supply chain issues. If you are currently or have been a prime or subcontractor through DOD funding within the past five years and have not responded, we encourage you to do so. The survey is online at the following link for those in-state, NC Defense Contractor Survey and a survey for Out-Of-State NC Defense Contractors.

Additional Information:

  • Learn more by visiting
  • Learn about the pilot program criteria and download an application on the website.
  • Check back often to see if we will be having a town hall in your area this fall.
  • The website will also become a hub for spotlighting businesses in NC as well as a resource for companies looking for up to date insights on the DoD contracting in the state.

Contact information:

Nimasheena N. Burns
Director Communications and Project Management
NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

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