The Essential Series

Essential Series

Just having the best product on the market isn’t enough! To be successful, you need to understand your marketplace and what drives your customer’s buying decisions.

In this course, you’ll get best practices and techniques for analyzing markets and identifying your customers and competitors. You will learn how to align the 4Ps of marketing with your products, services and customers to create a unique and cost-efficient marketing mix specific to your business.

who should attend

  • Owners and executives who need tools to
    develop, write and execute their strategic
    marketing plan
  • Business owners who lack formal
    marketing education or who would like a
    refresher course
  • Entrepreneurs who want to take a fresh
    look or gain a better understanding
    of the customers and the competitive
  • Other staff members who need a clearer
    understanding of how marketing can make
    your business profitable and successful.

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