United Drug Supply (UDS)

By Rebecca Barbour, SBTDC/PTAC counselor at North Carolina State University

United Drug Supply (UDS) is a pharmaceutical and medical supply distributor dedicated to serving our nation’s military facilities. As a WOSB Certified business, UDS has been on the fast track for growth since it’s founding in 2010. The company was recently featured on the Inc 5000 list, was named one of America’s Outstanding Navy Reserve Employers in 2016, and received America’s Patriot Award in 2017.

UDS began their relationship with the North Carolina PTAC when several representatives attended a Marketplace conference. Since this introduction, UDS and their PTAC counselor have worked together on business development strategies and market research. Throughout this process, the company has continued to grow their federal sales, driven by the hard work and dedication of CEO Samantha Godfrey and her team.

CEO Samantha Godfrey states, “The thing I love the most about having the support of organizations like PTAC and others locally in NC including: CEDNC & NCDBA  is the ability for us now to combine innovation & expertise  in contracting to aid not only patient care but aid in the growth of other small manufacturer businesses in getting their items in front of VA & DOD Buyers.”

The company currently holds a FSS 65IIA Med-Surge Supply Schedule with over 1900 items, as well as prime vendor agreements with both the department of defense and the department of veteran’s affairs. As of June 2017, they also just received an award for FSS 65IB. Local NC companies were recently added to their VA Contract: DR Burton- Vpep/Opep Device, United Urologics – Catheterss & Altaravision – Innovative Endoscopic Device NDŌʜᴅ. With additional contracts in the pipelines, we are sure to hear more good things about UDS in the future. Interested in learning more or have a product in your pipeline and interested in the VA/DOD market? Feel free to reach out to them at info@uniteddrugsupply.com or on their website at www.uniteddrugsupply.com  

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