NC Live has A New Look and is Open for Business!

While the functionality and navigation remains the same, the New NCLive has updated its look, streamlined response times, and enhanced access from mobile devices. To find a list of Business and Management or Data and Demographics resources, continue to click the “By Subject” tab noted above. Your current log in and password information remain the same.

Visit the New NCLive here. New Funding Options for NC Small Business

Local Public Offerings (LPO) allow NC businesses to directly approach companies for up to $250,000. Featured in an April 2017, News and Observer (N & O) article, LPOs were designed to be a fairly simple way for entrepreneurs to raise money from offerings not registered with regulators. Businesses can advertise or deliver a personal sales pitch to potential investors.

Even though a registered broker or crowdfunding platform is not required, regulators will still be monitoring the process. And, since this is a “first-of-its-kind” way to raise funds, they will be available through April 1, 2020, at which time they will be reviewed for effectiveness and safety.

This option for fund raising complements the crowdfunding legislation that was passed by NC in 2016. You can read more about LPOs here or read the full N & O article here .

A link to the Benji Jones article at Locavesting is here:

Link to N & O article is here:


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