“Competition Makes Us Better”

By George Griffin, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor at North Carolina A&T State University

Just like in sports, competition makes our businesses better. In basketball, March Madness is often a real “educational “experience. It is important to keep an eye on your competitors because customers are comparing your companies each day. They pick winners and losers with their dollars. In government contracting 4 tools can be helpful for a quick competitor analysis. Try checking out a few competitors but start with yourself.

1. SAM – System for Award Management

  • Select search records and insert their name or Duns number.
  • Select View details. Observe NAICS codes, Business Type and POC’s.

2. Dynamic Small Business Search

  • This is a good marketing tool for many companies. How are you competitors using it?  Is your profile fresh or needing attention?

3. Websites

  • Often tell you what is important to a company. What is their differentiator?
  • Show the company’s capabilities, may include their Capability Statement.
  • Show current and past customers and may indicate target customers.
  • Look for leading indicators of changes in business model.

4. Federal Procurement Data System(view past federal awards)

In box below EZ Search insert Company Duns number or Name. Duns number is more accurate.  Select – Date Signed from the Sorting Box on the right to bring most recent award to the top. Drill down to determine some details of the award.
NAICS codes can also be inserted in EZ Search Box for award history.

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