SUCCESS STORY: Owls Nest Enterprises, LLC

By Terry Stroud, SBTDC/ PTAC Counselor at Fayetteville State University

Owls Nest Enterprises, LLC is a Native American, VOSB, HUBZone, SDB business based in Cherokee, NC. Owners, Jim Owle and Audrey West have built a growing business providing a wide range of Facility Support Services.

As their PTAC counselor, I have routinely worked with them developing their business, securing the registrations and certifications necessary to pursue their government contracting goals. We have had many conversations regarding their goals for their business, and the strategy required to achieve those goals. In our first meeting, we discussed a detailed methodical approach to develop the company. Step by step, the client accomplished their certifications, actively sought opportunities they could effectively perform, developed their business skills, and developed a capability statement that showcases the results of their efforts thus far.

The clients have worked tirelessly throughout the process and their efforts have recently paid off in the form of a Federal subcontracting opportunity, as well as, finalizing the details on a relationship with the prime contractor under the relatively new SBA All Small Mentor Protégé Program. The clients and I have had many meetings and conversations over the past several weeks assisting with questions and details associated with their new venture. The client’s attention to detail has served them well throughout the process and should ensure that the resulting relationship with their new Mentor will be a productive one for both entities involved. The two companies complement each other, and they work well together. When we first discussed the All Small Mentor Protégé Program as a possibility for their company, it became apparent that this would be a good fit. In assessing their past performance and certifications, it was evident that they have a lot to offer as a Protégé. The mentoring they will receive in the program will give them the needed boost to take their company to a new level of performance, and will assist in preparing them for their ultimate goal of participation in the 8(a) business development program in the future.

Both Jim Owle and Audrey West have expressed their appreciation for assistance received from the PTAC counselor as they have worked together throughout the years. With their pending participation in the All Small Mentor Protégé Program, the methodical, steady growth they have experienced thus far is likely to accelerate.

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