Medical, Biomedical and Biodefense (MBB): Support to the Warfighter Symposium

Medical Support to the Warfighter, will connect businesses in North Carolina with military and other federal agencies that require or purchase medical supplies, equipment, devices, pharmaceuticals, medical information technology and medical services.  Representatives from the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services, their prime vendors and major contractors – from national commands and from bases, commands and facilities in North Carolina – will highlight current technology or resource gaps and needs, future requirements and procurement processes to supply military and federal medical facilities and agencies.  All medical-related businesses in North Carolina – large or small, prime contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers – will benefit from briefings on military requirements, procurement processes and supplier qualifications, from one-on-one meetings with buyers and users, and from exhibiting or viewing demonstrations of the latest medical technologies designed to support America’s warfighters.

The Biomedical and Biodefense Support to the Warfighter portion of this conference will touch on two topics that can have significant impact on the success of any R&D project. The first session is on the importance of R&D partnerships for successful medical, biomedical and biodefense innovation. Regardless of the technology, strong partnerships between federal or military program managers and their academic or industry partners is critical to the success of any R&D project. This panel will discuss how they create and sustain productive and successful relationships.  The second session will offer a view into how military medicine and R&D efforts are being affected by converging technologies. This panel will include talks on how big data, medical simulation and precision medicine are impacting how we get to the next lifesaving discovery. Both of these sessions aim to establish a dialogue between industry, academia and government  to form partnerships to address the future biomedical and biodefense technology needs of the military and our nation.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Courtney Smedick
North Carolina Military Business Center
Statewide Integrated Marketing, Events Coordinator and Government Relations
D: 910-678-0193


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