Success Story: Carolina Advanced Digital

Carolina Advanced Digital PTAC

Carolina Advanced Digital (CAD) is a leading provider of technology infrastructure and security solutions. Headquartered in Cary, NC, the company has over 30 years of experience in providing services to government agencies, schools and universities, healthcare providers, and commercial organizations. Lead by founders John and Susan Jabbusch, the company operates with the mission of helping clients achieve their mission through exceptional engineering.

When Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. decided to respond to the NASA  Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement (SEWP) V contract, one of the resources we reached out to was Rebecca Barbour, Procurement Counselor at the Raleigh SBTDC office.

Rebecca not only gave us validation that we could tackle this, but offered any assistance we might need on an ongoing basis.  She was a valuable support resource in advising us on the level of information we should provide and her best advice was “keep your descriptions direct, process oriented and simple.”

Just knowing that we had someone knowledgeable in federal procurement to guide us as needed gave us peace of mind.

Since being awarded this contract, CAD has been busy making the most of the opportunity. In 2015, CAD was awarded over $650,000 in task orders under the SEWP program. Building on this success, the company has now passed the $1M mark in orders. In addition to the SEWP contract, CAD also maintains a GSA Schedule 70 contract and numerous other relationships with federal agencies.

In August of 2016, CAD decided to grow their team and share their success with other businesses. Working with PTAC Counselor, Rebecca Barbour, and other resource providers CAD hosted a vendor information session for small business interested in subcontracting or teaming through the SEWP program. In this session, company owners Susan and John Jabbusch shared a wealth of information on how to navigate the SEWP program and other IDIQs, how to work with small business team members, and how to best position your company through marketing. Attendees benefited from their many years of experience and the resource partners assembled to answer questions. CAD is well positioned to continue their success under the SEWP program and is sharing their success with the small business community.

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