FEMA – “Don’t Be Fooled By False Information”

By Terry Stroud, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor at Fayetteville State University

In a recent APTAC newsletter article, “Don’t be fooled – there is NO “priority vendor” list for FEMA”, the author advised:

“Hurricane Matthew is being used as a platform to circulate false information to potential government contractors by companies peddling “priority vendor status” – for a hefty fee, of course – promising the “opportunity to help your community for disaster relief efforts and make profits at the same time.”  Services offered in these solicitations carry a price tag ranging between $195 and $1,200 for a variety of services, including a “priority listing.”

However – FEMA does NOT have a “priority vendor” program.

FEMA does maintain a legitimate web site for vendors who wish to voluntarily provide supplemental information on the kinds of services they would like to furnish to FEMA, and there is no fee to use it.  That web site is at:


FEMA states: “Submission of the vendor profile form does not place you on a preferred list of vendors to be considered for procurements.  FEMA does not maintain such a list. The form is used to assist in secondary market research and is voluntary.  FEMA does not charge any company a basic registration fee.  There are companies that replicate services of Federal Government entities and there are typically fees associated with their services.  Most Federal Government services, if not all, are free of charge.  Always make it a practice to reach out to the appropriate Federal agency first to inquire about the validity of the service, specifically if a fee is associated with it.”

The current circulation of false information is a prime example of the need for your business to have a relationship with your local PTAC counselor.  Your business needs to have a reliable resource for the information you need to be successful in government contracting.  With so many communities impacted by Hurricane Matthew, and the potential of significant contracting opportunities resulting from the recovery efforts to come, it’s likely you may be contacted by someone promising you something that sounds too good to be true.  Those promises always come with a price tag, which is a good indication that it is indeed too good to be true.  In our efforts to provide you the information you need to be successful in government contracting, I am in the process of setting up a series of events in my area, to discuss FEMA registration and other information that will be important for those businesses interested in disaster response and recovery.  Information regarding the upcoming events will be posted at our website  as soon as the details are finalized.  Go to our website now »

Don’t be fooled by those seeking to take advantage of a bad situation.  Your local PTAC can provide the confidential one on one counseling, to get you the information you are looking for, to find the opportunities that are sure to come as a result of the recent disaster.  Registering with FEMA is the easiest part of the process.  Your SAM registration needs to be active and the FEMA ILP Vendor Profile form must be filled out and submitted to FEMA via email.  The hard part, as with all government contracting, is finding suitable opportunities for your company and successfully securing the business.  The process of finding and securing the opportunities that will come as a result of the recent disaster, is no different than finding and securing any other government contracting opportunity.  As always, it is a matter of knowing what government entity is generating the opportunity, having the necessary registrations in place, and making a successful proposal in response to the opportunity.  Yes, this is a very simplified listing of the process, as many of you already know that the devil is in the details.  To position your business to take advantage of opportunities resulting from Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts contact your local NC PTAC counselor today.  We are ready to discuss not only your short term goals for disaster relief opportunities, but also to continue working with you in developing your long term government contracting strategy for success.

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