Crocker’s Inc

By George Griffin SBTDC/PTAC counselor at NC A&T University

Crocker’s, Inc. is a small business originally formed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1991. Patti Crocker formed the business without partners and with the intention of creating a home-based business in order to remain at home while raising her family. After much effort, study and perseverance, Patti became a state licensed specialty contractor.

Crocker’s, Inc. specializes in the renovation, modernization and new installation of vertical transportation equipment (elevators) exclusively for agencies of the federal government. Since beginning operations, Crocker’s, Inc. has completed numerous high-tech elevator renovations throughout the United States and abroad. The Veterans Administration, US Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, Bureau of Prisons, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, General Services Administration etc. are regular customers of Crocker’s, Inc.

As an example, the Federal Aviation Administration has contracted with Crocker’s, Inc. to renovate the air traffic control towers in Long Beach, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, Bakersville, CA, Honolulu, HI, Los Angeles, CA (LAX), Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA (Brown Field) Burbank, CA, and Santa Barbara, CA. The work has been completed and they look forward to their next FAA project.

“We are construction/renovation providers for the most demanding federal agencies throughout the United States. Crocker’s has contracted repeatedly with the same federal agencies on numerous occasions, a testament to the quality of our work and to the satisfaction of our customers.”
-Patti Crocker

Their supervisor, with thirty- seven years of experience, including installations in the U.S. Capitol Building, oversees field operations. Her standards and expectations are guarantors of the field team’s success. Crocker’s hires qualified and talented craftsmen.

Most recently, Patti began to explore opportunities for Women-Owned Small Businesses. By directive of the SBA, Patti contacted George Griffin, Triad PTAC, when she needed guidance and assistance in establishing Crocker’s, Inc. as a Woman-Owned Small Business. Even though Crocker’s, Inc. has always been owned by Patti in its entirety, unless the proper certification is received, the government does not recognize the business as a WOSB.

After completion of the application process, Crocker’s, Inc. was designated a Woman-Owned Small Business. In the immediate days following the important designation, Crocker’s, Inc. was awarded its first WOSB contract to renovate a freight elevator at the West Point Military Academy in New York. Currently, Crocker’s, Inc. has projects underway in Texas, Indiana, Kansas, Georgia, and soon, New York.

While the business continues to grow by leaps and bounds, Crocker’s, Inc. will always be a home-based business operated from a single room in Patti’s rural North Carolina home.

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