US Foam and Etch

By Ariana Billingsley, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor at East Carolina University

Founded in 2005, US Foam and Etch is a veteran-owned small business specializing in tool control, kitting, custom upscale packaging to various government agencies, including DOD, and commercial businesses. US Foam and Etch is a GSA Schedule holder and offers custom foam design, cutting, and laser etching from specialized one offs to large scale production and up to outfitting an entire tool room. Their custom commercial work runs the gamut from weapons boxes, helicopter jigs, avionics kits, specialized electronic components, medical test equipment, space/rocket assembly parts control, and even salesman’s kits for sophisticated networkable smart LED lights. US Foam and Etch has produced many prototype display and package solutions for numerous manufactures worldwide. Their goal with every job has been and will continue to be a complete turnkey solution.

One of their challenges has been the ability to identify the avenues and affectively reach out to companies and military organizations unfamiliar with their capabilities. DOD turnover and keeping contacts within the various military organizations is another big issue.

The federal government’s implementation of the FSSI’s across the various spending categories has had a tremendous negative impact on small businesses like US Foam and Etch. They also feel that this impact has not only been felt by small businesses but also their government customers as it has affected their ability to efficiently perform their tasks and duties.

PTAC has worked with US Foam and Etch for several years now and has recently assisted with facilitating introductions to other GSA providers that could benefit from their services. PTAC has been very encouraging as well as proactive in the efforts to assist the client. PTAC brought an opportunity to client that has proven invaluable, a business valuation thru the MBA program at Wake Forest University. US Foam and Etch provided all requested data, hosted 4 MBA candidates, answered all pertinent questions, and once completed attended the formal presentation at Wake Forest to receive the company valuation. They were very pleased with the information and able to use it as a strategy development tool.

The company had been able to transition some of their business from Military to commercial sectors and have seen an increase in our sales helping to offset their losses due to the FSSI. They still have a very positive outlook and are expecting growth this year, predominately due to their increase in commercial business.

For more information on US Foam and Etch, as well as to check out the various solutions they provide please visit their website at

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